12Pcs/set Elderly Needle-side Hole Blind Needle Household Sewing Stainless Steel


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  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Type: Bodkin
  • Model Number: 101362
  • Set Type: YES
  • Type of Wholesale: NO
  • Use: Hand Sewing
  • Model Number: 12pcs/set*Sewing Needles


This automatic hand stitch solves the problem that the eyesight is not very good, and likes the worry of DIY manual lovers, it can be easily threaded.
Let all the old mothers thread the thread and then easily thread the string with a thick reading glasses.
Even if you can’t see the blind person, you can use the hand to touch the card. You don’t have to worry about wearing the needle anymore.

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About “Silver A/Golden A” product introduction:

Product name: Side-opening blind needle
(Gold-tailed needles are electroplated on the tail of the needle, and the tail is golden)
(The tail of the silver tail is nickel-plated, and the whole needle is silver)

Model: Gold Tail Needle/Silver Tail Needle

Note: The pinholes have been electroplated and are more durable than ordinary ones.

Instructions for use: There is an opening on the side of the pinhole, just hang the thread directly from the side, eliminating the trouble of threading a needle to find the pinhole, suitable for the elderly or those with bad eyesight

Specifications: There are 3 models and 4 needles in a pack, a total of 12 needles.

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About “Silver B/Golden B” product introduction:

Product name: Blind needle with bottom opening

Commodity material: metal

Product size: 36mm-42mm

How to use: There is an oblique opening on the needle, put the thread on it and press it once, and the thread will go directly into it.

Specifications: There are 3 models and 4 needles in a pack, a total of 12 needles. The long one is about 4.2cm and the short one is about 3.6cm.

Different models and specifications:
36MM=4 needles
38MM=4 needles
42MM=4 needles

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About “Needle Storage Box” product introduction:


Material: Wood

Color: Brown, Deep brown

Height: 82mm

Diameter: 18mm

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About “sewing thread” product introduction:


Material: Polyester

Color: 10 colors/set (colors as shown)

Length: 20m per roll

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Package list:(Please choose the style you want before placing an order)

option A: 12pcs/set *Sewing Needles

Option B: 12pcs/set *Sewing Needles+ 1pc * Needle Storage Box

Option C: 12pcs/set *Sewing Needles+ 1pc * Needle Storage Box + sewing thread

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1.Please allow minor deviation due to manual measurement.

2.Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item.



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